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Running Backs' Red Zone Opportunities

Running Backs' Red Zone Opportunities

Despite the push for more PPR scoring leagues, the big fantasy breadwinner will always be touchdowns. They turn bad games into good and good into great. A running back who scores touchdowns because the coaches give him the ball in the red zone is the core of what this game is all about. Fantasy Football Expert Stephen Englert analyzes last season's red zone touches to project them for 2014.

Touchdowns are the most valuable and least predictable statistic in fantasy football. How often have you watched your star running back rack up 40 yards on a drive, take his team to the 2-yard line, and then head to the sideline to watch a second-string back punch in the score? Those “lost” points are incredibly frustrating, even if your starter winds up with 180 total yards. But while fantasy... Recommended Stories

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